The contemporary visitor is not faced with the adversities of the past in the course of his present-day pilgrimage to the Holy Monastery of Sinai.

As a rule, Cairo airport is the point of entry. It would be advisable that his passport be valid, at least, for six months following the end of his trip. There should not be any differences between the way of writing one’s name in the passport and on the ticket. The required entry visa may be obtained at the airport prior to passport control. In its grounds there can be found bank exchange booths where one may buy Egyptian currency as well as the necessary visa stamps. In the course of your sojourn in Egypt, the passport must always be ready and at hand to satisfy any valid requests. The distance from Cairo to the Holy Monastery of Sinai is 430 kilometres. There is a daily bus from Cairo to Sinai that leaves from the Sinai International Bus Terminal in Abbasiya, a suburb of Cairo, and the trip lasts 8 hours. However, travelling either by private car or with a cab, the self-same distance can be covered in about 6 hours.

Another point of entry is the Sharm el-Sheikh Airport on the southern point of the Sinai peninsula. The distance from here is 250 kilometres and it can be covered only by private car or taxi, as there are no public buses.

A third point of entry is that of Taba, the Egyptian point of entry for visitors from Israel.


Up to these our days, the general site of the Holy Monastery of Sinai maintains its historic way of operation unaltered and it does not constitute an organized tourist site. For the Sinaite fathers, all visitors are dealt with as pilgrims from whom their respect towards the sanctity of the site, the Sinai pilgrimage sites, and their daily programme of prayer is considered as a given fact. It is considered wise policy to avoid visiting the Monastery on its official feastdays, as it is closed to the general public. As a rule, the Holy Monastery is closed on Fridays, on Sundays, as well as during the important feastdays of the Greek Orthodox Church. All the other days, the Holy Monastery is open between 9:00 AM and 11:30 noon.

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There is a Guest House just below the monastery that offers single or double occupancy rooms, with a few rooms for higher occupancy. All rooms have private facilities, and the cost of the room includes dinner and breakfast. Arrangements can also be made for lunch. Outside of mealtimes, there is a spacious courtyard with an adjoining snack bar where one can order coffee, tea, soft drinks, and other refreshments.

The telephone number of the Guest House for reservations is +20 69 3470 353 and the fax number is +20 69 3470 543.


Fax: +20 69 3470 341 & 3


Athens Dependency: +30 210 6461 401

Mount Sinai Foundation: +30 210 6454 923