The Sinai library contains some 8,000 early printed books, of which 7,000 are in Greek. There are many early and important editions of the Holy Scriptures, of patristic and classical texts, and of Orthodox service books. These include the first editions of Homer (1488) and Plato (1513), and the Comedies of Aristophanes (1498), the Great Etymological Lexicon of the Greek Language (1499), and Suidae’s Lexicon (1499). The works of Aldus Manutius, the first to print Greek, are well represented.

Many of the volumes have notations showing that they were used by the Sinai monks in their studies. Others whose names are listed in these volumes became important ecclesiastical dignitaries during the days of the Ottoman Empire. All of these volumes attest to the erudition of the monks of Sinai.